punxsutawney phil (birdwalk) wrote,
punxsutawney phil

GENE SIMMONS does the nat'l anthem - be there!

It's official...KISS bassist Gene Simmons will play bass while daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons sings the national anthem.


The LA Derby Dolls' next game, 12/13 - the Dolls' all-stars vs. a team composed of some of the nation's best skaters!

The LA Derby Dolls' all-star team, the Ri-ettes, are taking on Santa's Little Helpers, a team made up of flat track all-stars from across the country! Maybe you were at the tournament in June - remember the incredible, hard-fought, incredibly skated, nail-bitingly-close game between the Ri-ettes and Team Awesome? Yeah. It'll be that crazy. AGAIN. We can promise you this will be one of the best games all year. The L.A. Derby Dolls is the premiere all-female, banked-track, quad-skating rock 'n' roller derby league in the Southern California area. Athletic and alluring, the L.A. Derby Dolls strive to be the fastest, most fearless ladies in fishnets. While their uniforms may be stylish and their names playful, do not be fooled by appearances - the L.A. Derby Dolls skate pure, unscripted, real roller derby.

VIP tix are already selling briskly. If you're smart, you'll buy tickets IMMEDIATELY. RIGHT HERE.

THIS IS A 21 AND OVER EVENT, IDs will be checked and re-checked. No ID = you don't come in.
No cameras!
VIP get seats, a private bar, a better view, AND real restrooms!
Beer and wine served.
Cash only!!! ATM on site.
Bands! Vendors! Fearleaders! Raffles! SoCal's most revered ref crew!
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